Meet Benjamin Robinot, the Entrepreneur of the Month

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Benjamin Robinot is the founding CEO of 9-30am, a fintech investment solution. Bringing professional and ethical investment advice, with great market knowledge, using cost-efficient platforms and products, to achieve the leanest path to preserving and increasing wealth for retail and institutional clients, Robinot has been in Boston for the past 4 years. A former London-based investment banker, Robinot launched several entrepreneurial ventures in asset management since 2012. Benjamin Robinot has been an active member of French Tech Boston since our very first meeting.

Please meet Benjamin Robinot!

In just a few words, can you tell us more about your company, 9:30AM?

This is an investment solution for individuals. Our goal is to make investment solutions simple, affordable, and to-the-point for EVERYONE.

There are so many tech hubs in the US, why did you decide to create your company in Boston?

It is a great ecosystem for developing new ideas. Boston is leading fintech investments in the US, besides the ultra high net worth population is growing at 15% p.a. into 2023. it is also a great place to live in personally.

Could you tell us about the support you received from the French ecosystem and institutions? Could you make a recommendation for other entrepreneurs?

They should be a key starting point for your expansion.

It is as close as you get from family when you live abroad.

The venture capital firms have helped turn Boston into a booming tech hub; was it a driver in your decision to start in Boston?

No, it was not. VC funds pursue very specific opportunities. In fintech, if you don't fit the mold of 3-people team, fast scalability and 90% technology content...then you might find this is not the best route to expand business or get funding.

Do you have any recommendations for French entrepreneur starting or expanding a business in Boston?

Contrary to Europe, the solution does not have to be 150% perfect or prove that the business generates money from the get-go to be marketed. The key advice is to cut on the development time, and launch as soon as you have a working solution to test market response. Time-to-market is critical in the US. Besides, product development and strategy would improve best with customer feedback.

Boston is a global business center what benefits do you see for your company ? Does it help attract talents, market your brand?

I find that mostly large established names or visible VC-funded companies have this higher ability to attract talents and connect more efficiently. Boston has the unique benefits of being loaded with capital, having a well-off population, and cross-fertilizing efficiently between academic and business layers of its ecosystem.

What would you have liked to know before arriving or at your arrival that you missed?

How to save time on business set-up would have been of great help. In truth, part of that is learning by doing, however there should be a one-stop shop for all entrepreneurs to get this information. Typically, in investments, is this one-stop shop for people wanting to manage their money smartly. Having said that, I believe the French Boston team is getting stronger, more organized, and exchanging tips between entrepreneurs more effectively than ever. You connect, you save time, you increase your chances of winning!

Thank you very much Benjamin, we wish you a successful end of year!

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