Meet the Board Series - Félicia de Meaux, board member of French Tech Boston

Félicia works at the French American Chamber of Commerce of New England as event manager and is a board member of French Tech Boston. She took a few minutes to tell us more about her story.

Please meet Félicia de Meaux!

Can you tell us a little about you?

I am married with 2 small boys and soon a 3rd child. I have been raised in London for 10 years and have loved living abroad since then. Thanks to my husband's job (he works for Bain & Co), we were able to live 4 years in Bangkok and asked to be relocated in the Boston office 2 years ago.

Why Boston then?

We wanted to discover a new country, get closer to France and to reside in an English speaking country: the US was a great option. New York when you have kids is not as attractive anymore, Boston seemed to be the best opportunity, it is the closest one to Paris.

In a few words, how would you describe your company ? I work for the French American Chamber of Commerce of New England (FACCNE) which was started 35 years ago. We attract, support, and grow business through economic and business development. We deliver events (around 40 annually), programs and initiatives to boost business and economic successes. We provide leadership on issues important to business and take collective action to advance sustainable economic growth in Boston and New England.

Why did you join the French Tech Boston board ?

I offered some help to French Tech about one and a half years ago because I had heard they needed some. I have always been attracted to startups and to its unique mindset and working conditions: fast-paced environment, embracing risk, needing to adapt quickly and multitasking, for example. I wanted to find a job but quickly realized I was not ready to take a full time position and to embrace the intensive cadence that comes along with any new position, so I widened my spectrum of research and heard of a job opening at FACCNE that corresponded to what I was looking for. 

Tell us what you know about support from the French institutions ? 

I am amazed to see how all of these entities work well together in Boston and try their best to foster an inclusive local environment. Things move fast and it is important that all economic actors communicate well and work hand in hand so that projects move along and overall, all works well for everyone. FACCNE co-organizes some major events of French Tech Boston and - breaking news!- from now will help organize their Fireside chats.

"I am amazed to see how all of these entities [French institutions] work well together in Boston"

If you wanted to create your company, do you think Boston would be a great city to do so? Why?

Now that I have spent a lot of time with entrepreneurs and participated in conferences on "why Boston", I am more convinced than ever! Boston is the place where

  1. you find talents thanks to its so many top universities, because it is a small ecosystem that allows you to have an easier access to people or else,

  2. realEstate is way less expensive that NY or SF, you can do everything within 1 hour walk,

  3. schools for your kids are within the best in the US

  4. you are so close to France, so yes to Boston! 

"(...) yes to Boston!"

What do you find challenging doing business in Boston? 

Nothing really on my end, even though I must say I inevitably had to adapt to the local style.

What do you love with Boston/ US market ?

Compared to place I have known before (Thaïlande and France), I find that people are much more straight to the point, and reactive: I love that. Also things run on time, and I love that too, even though I feel very Hispanic in my relationships I love this American way of working. 

What can we wish you for the future ?

A healthy baby ;-) and before then a great success the our Good Wine Good Tech event, this is a big first FACCNE is excited to organize for French Tech!

Thank you very much Félicia, we wish you a healthy baby and a successful end of year! We will see you at Good Wine Good Tech in a few weeks!

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