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Discover our newest commission: Attract Talents!

On February 22nd, 2020, during the MIT European Career Fair, French Tech Boston will organize the commission Attract Talents to help French startups in Boston recrute their next employee of the year.

Learn more about Attract Talents with Alexia Sibony!

French Tech Boston is starting a new commission called Attract Talents. Can you tell us what it is?

The commission Attract Talents aims to enhance the recruiting process of French startups in Boston. We know that hiring could be challenging for a start-up: lack of visibility, lack of time, new to the market; and we want to companies bridge these gaps.

Why is it important to French Tech Boston to offer such an opportunity to its members?

FTB Members are facing difficulties to recruit the best talents. French Tech Boston is aimed to support its members in this challenge and promote French companies throughout the local universities where the best talents are.

How can/will members benefit from it?

Members will benefit by having access to a very large pool of students and young professionals from the elite universities of the east coast, an increased visibility among the MIT and Harvard students. We negotiate discounted rates for our members to get them visibility. We will also be onsite helping with logistics, communication and outreach talents by promoting the cluster France.

"Having access to a very large pool of students and young professionals from the elite universities"

Is this for everyone? Who are the companies who should consider participating in ECF x FTB?

FTB focuses on the development of French start-ups, but every French companies are welcomed under our Cluster France! From leading French universities to startups to bigger companies, this is the best way to show how dynamic France has become.

"From leading French universities to startups to bigger companies"

How can they participate? Any deadline they should know about?

If you are a startup (less than 8 Millions of revenues and less than 50 employees), select your booth online by January 22nd 2020 here. Or contact us at:

Any word of advice for our readers? How can they help/contribute?

Share the news around you, let your entrepreneur friends know that the French Tech will support them finding the best talent! No more pain finding your next employee of the year!

"Share the news around you"

Thank you very much!


About The Office for Science and Technology (OST)

OST is a team of 24 staff members including professors, senior researchers and engineers located in the Embassy (Washington, DC) and 6 consular offices (Atlanta - Boston - Chicago - Houston - Los Angeles - San Francisco) is dedicated to bilateral FR-US collaborations in Science and Technology.

Anne Puech is Attaché of the Office for Science and Technology in Boston.

About the MIT European Career Fair:

The 2020 European Career Fair (ECF) is organized by the MIT European Club. In its 24th year, the ECF continues to serve the Boston area university and colleges by providing opportunities for students at all levels to connect with European employers. This fair hosts some of the brightest candidates who are interested in a career in Europe and increases awareness in the US about the exciting career opportunities that Europe has to offer. This career fair is the largest of its kind in the United States and has a proven track record providing domestic, foreign, and multinational companies access to some of the highest caliber applicants worldwide. Our candidates are students, working professionals and recent alums of Ivy League, and renowned European and American universities. Our company participants are diverse, ranging from renowned multinationals to smaller, innovative firms operating in a wide variety of sectors.


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