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5 of the 40 hottest French startups are in Boston!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Today, the French government announced a list of the hottest French startups called “Next40” highlighting key players in the tech startup space with French leaders at the helm of their success.

Due to Boston’s close flight proximity to France, its thriving startup ecosystem, and unparalleled pool of talent, 18% of the Next40 startups are based in Boston. French Tech Boston president Emmanuel Arnaud is also the CEO of HomeExchange, one of the startups that made the prestigious Next40 list. He commented, “Good news for French startups is good news for Boston, since the city is a natural hub for French startups setting up shop in the US.

Tech giants are investing big dollars in France. Not just to gain access to the technology, but for the teams that build them. France is contributing to extreme growth for startups due to the country’s access to a sustainable source of talent - France has 1 million engineers and trains 50,000 more every year. Luckily, French Tech - a unique movement bringing together startups, investors, policymakers and community builders - has a branch in Boston.

They are a group of more than 85 French entrepreneurs and C-level executives, putting Boston on the map as a sustainable and stimulating base for French startups.

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