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We are the Boston chapter of La FrenchTech.

We are more than 130 French entrepreneurs and C-level executives in tech startups with global or US headquarters in New England. 

Some of us are CEOs of traded companies, some of us are CEOs of companies that exist only in their garage. All of us have big dreams, strong grit and incredible talent. ​We collectively represent thousands of jobs in New England, and tens of thousands globally. Our companies break new ground in MedTech, Travel, Big Data, AI, Finance, Transportation, IoT,  Marketing, Waste Management, HR and many other fields where we can bring disruption and innovation.​


Our Vision

Turn France into a Startup Nation


Our mission

Promote, support and develop “La French Tech” startup scene here in New-England.

Our Ambition 

  • Help new French ventures who are looking to settle in Boston or US companies looking at launching activities in France.

    • Provide a platform where members can share best practices and knowledge and expertise on specific topics.

    • Podcast series of French entrepreneurs, university Professors and  member of the French ecosystem in Boston promoting Boston innovation, culture and business opportunities

  • Support members' business growth in Boston by developing relationships with New England’s economic and educational ecosystem.

    • The greater Boston Area is recognized for its best-in-class universities and talents. Support members in their searches and help them represent their business. Career fairs, job board, communication, global community

    • Partner with university French clubs to create networking opportunities between French students in Boston and French companies

  • Encourage the "clustering" of members, across French Tech America, by skills, technologies, industry or research themes in order to increase the credibility of “La French Tech” America and create business opportunities.

    • Creating research opportunities / provide a playbook on how to approach research contracts with academics

    • Support the development of cluster of research, technology or industry

    • Access to either Digital Track or Health Track member-only discussions,

    • Invitations to members-only monthly events, preferred access to partner events within the local community, Subscription to a member-only newsletter where you can contribute and directly ask business questions to our members,

    • Visibility for you and your business from key local institutions and our ecosystem

We welcome every new French tech entrepreneur in the area and make sure they can succeed the way we have.

We are FrenchTech!



To be a member of the The French Tech Boston association, you need to comply with the following criteria:

  • Resident in New England

  • Working or having worked in a Tech Start-up  (Company that produces intellectual property or new economic models and that is either in the early stages of development or growing fast)

  • The following linkage to France:

    • Either founder (or higher up) of a technology start-up with an HQ in France

    • Or French and founder or C-level executive of a Tech start-up with an HQ anywhere else (not necessarily in the job at the moment).

 If you are not totally compliant with these criteria but meet the following two, you can be part of The French Tech Boston Eco-System:

  • Resident in New England 

  • The following linkage to France and Tech:

  • Either founder (or higher up) of a VC/PE fund or service provider for Tech start-ups with an HQ in France.

    • Or French and founder or C-level executive of a VC/PE fund or service provider for Tech start-ups with an HQ in the USA.

    • Or French and Director level in a Tech start-up

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